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Targeted or Prescribed grazing is a growing industry being conducted by a wide range of livestock owners including tradition producers, small farm herd/flock owners, and contract grazers. With adequate guidance many livestock managers could supplement their forage budget with contracted grazing opportunities. Informed and well-trained vegetation management specialists are needed in this evolving endeavor.

Potential Customers:
Private landowners
Government agencies
City, county, and state park managers
Conservation groups
Tribal land managers
Coordinated Weed Management Associations (CWMAs)

Public Interest Articles:
Goats provide healthy, economical weed control – the Stock Exchange – December 2012
Grazing cattle improve wildlife habitat – Capital Press. February 2012
Goats controlling knapweed invasion on East Ridge – The Montana Standard – July 2009
More use grazing sheep, goats against invasive weeds, vines– USA Today – July 2009
No kidding! Goats are latest tool in restoring bog turtle habitat – Bay Journal – January 2009
Got Weeds? These Sheep Will Make House Calls – New York Times – October 2008
Knowledge Of Animals And Plants Essential For Targeted Grazing– Livestock Weekly – May 2008
Plant Control, Not Weight Gain First Goal Of Targeted Grazing — Livestock Weekly – April 2008
Horned weed eaters attack noxious plant – Casper Start Tribune – July 2006
Looking to prevent a fire? Hire a goat – Associated Press – July 2006
Cow Grazing Leases to Help Elk – Billings Gazette – June 2006
Wooly Weeders – Denver Post – June 2006
Wyoming Native Uses Goats to Restore Battered Landscapes – Billings Gazette – May 2006
Clearing the bosque with goat power – Albuquerque Tribune – April 2006
To Save Sagebrush, Researchers Unleash the Power of Sheep– National Geographic – September 2005
Goats are the hip new thing in eco-friendly weed management – Grist Magazine1
Salt Cedar Diet Cooks Up Niche Business for Goat Herders – New Mexico State University
Goats for Companion Grazing, Weed & Brush Control – Giant Stride Farm
Sheep play role in restoring park for tourists – ShhAir
Sheep Institute a natural step toward weed control – Montana State University
Invasive or Noxious Weeds: Grazing Weeds with Sheep – Wildflower and Weeds
Using Goats for Vegetation Management – Noble Foundation
Sheep and Goats: Ecological Tools for the 21’st Century – Utah State University Extension
Noxious Weed Grazing with Goats – Western SARE
Sheep, Goats Manage Rangeland Weeds in Multi-Species Systems – Western SARE 2004
Successfully Controlling Noxious Weeds with GoatsQuivira Coalition
Weeds Got Yer Goat? Try, Uh, a Goat – USA Today
Multispecies Grazing– ATTRA
Ewe4ic Ecological Services news articles – EWE4IC Ecological Services
Kudzu Battle May Have Animal Ally – Mississippi State University


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